Ch. 4, Political Economy (96-133)

Discussion Questions

Chapter 3

  1. Compose a group-authored discussion question. Be prepared to present your question and some relevant insights to the class.
  2. Describe your political attitude and ideology, using terms and concepts from today's chapter. In what ways are your attitude and ideology similar to or different from those of your peers?
  3. How does a society's (broader) culture inform its political culture? What are some specific examples?
  4. Make as many connections as you can between the key terms listed on page 95. Be specific.

Chapter 4

  1. What themes and ideas inform this chapter? How do these connect to previous chapters?
  2. How does this chapter contribute to our understanding of comparative politics?
  3. How does this chapter help us make sense of what goes on in "the real world"?
  4. How might we best address relevant issues or problems raised in/by this chapter?
  1. Forward two specific connections between your assigned report and this chapter.
  2. In the context of today's chapter, what do you find most (a) surprising; (b) informative; (c) discouraging; and (d) fixable in your assigned report? Explain your answers.

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