Ch. 10, Developing Countries (304-337); Ch. 11, Globalization and the Future of Comparative Politics (338-367)

Discussion Questions

Chapter 10

  1. Assume your group is an international consulting firm, hired by a fictional developing country to help them address their most challenging problems. Create a clear and workable development plan, referencing at least one issue from each main section of the chapter and utilizing at least one key term listed on page 337. Be prepared to present your plan to the class.

Chapter 11

  1. How does this chapter complement or contradict what you previously thought/knew about globalization?
  2. What are the the most important effects that (a) globalization has on domestic politics and (b) domestic politics have on globalization?
  3. In what significant ways, and to what extent, does globalization shape the things we study in comparative politics? Given your answer, does globalization make it easier or harder to do comparative politics? How so?
  4. Overall, is globalization a good thing or a bad thing? Support your position and provide illustrative examples.