Ch. 3, International Relations Theories (66-105)

Global Perspectives (91)

  1. Why do the Modi governmnent's security policies differ so widely—with some focused on the active use of force, others focused on deterrence, and others focused on cooperation? Can these politics be reconciled?
  2. If you were in Modi's position, which policies would you approach differently? Why?
  3. Which of the three security policies—those involving nuclear weapons, Kashmnir, or maritime issues—do you think will be most effective in achieving India's interests? Why?

Discussion Questions (104)

  1. Choose a current event in world politics. Describe and explain that event using the three main theoretical perspectives.
  2. A realist and a liberal are discussing the role of domestic politics in influencing international outcomes. Re-create that conversation, highlighting the differing perspectives.
  3. Constructivists assert that the power of norms and ideas is continuously shaping and reshaping state behavior. Select a political idea—equality, democracy, or human rights. How has that idea changed over time? How has state behavior changed, if at all?
  4. What feminist critique of international relations theory do you find most convincing? Why?

Additional Analysis

  1. Which theoretical perspective do you find most appealing, and why?
  2. What does your preferred perspective explain most effectively? Least effectively? Why?

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