Ch. 7, International Cooperation and International Law (232-267)

Global Perspectives (265)

  1. Do you think South-South cooperation is a viable path to development? Is the North-South cooperation that accompanies South-South cooperation in the triangular model necessary?
  2. Colombia argues that it benefits from providing security assistance to other states. Do you think this is true of assistance beyond the security realm?
  3. How has international law facilitated Colombia's cooperation strategy?
  4. How would a realist analyze the idea of triangular cooperation? How would a liberal analyze it?

Discussion Questions (267)

  1. Choose an issue area in which there is a body of international law. Which type of enforcement mechanism do you think best explains why states largely comply with treaties in this issue area? Why?
  2. Think of an example of noncooperation between states. In this case, why do we not see cooperation? Why have the mechanisms liberal and constructivist theorists argue can help bring about cooperation not worked?
  3. Think of an example of cooperation between states, Why do we see cooperation regarding this issue? Which mechanisms highlighted by liberal and construtivist theories are at work in fostering this cooperation?