Ch. 8, International Political Economy (295-317)

Global Perspectives (305)

  1. What are the dangers of Rwanda's reliance on foreign aid and tourism for achieving economic development?
  2. Is Rwanda's goal of being a hub for ITC activities realistic?
  3. What other countries might market their brand to boost economic development?

Discussion Questions (316)

  1. You are an economist in the Mexican government. What policies can you suggest to influence economic policy?
  2. Economic liberals, mercantilists/economic nationalists, and economic radicals see multinational corporations in different ways. What are those differences?
  3. How are the international financial system and the international monetary system more complex than they were in the past?
  4. Does economic regionalization lead to globalization? Why or why not? Provide evidence.
  5. How has your belief in the economic liberal model been modified by the global economic crises?

Additional Analysis

  1. How do Kiva and the SDGs work, and what is each meant to achieve?
  2. What are some key strengths and weaknesses of each approach?
  3. How can we best focus our efforts to achieve development? Explain.

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