Ch. 11, Human Security: Migration, Global Health, and the Environment (400-442)

Global Perspectives (435)

  1. What pressures can states in the region affected by the haze put on Indonesia to improve enforecement of burning bans?
  2. Many economists argue that economic development should take priority and commitmenmt to the environment will follow. What is the problem with this view?
  3. How does global warming provide more incentive for the Indonesian government to act?

Discussion Questions (442)

  1. Explain why migration is both a human rights issue and a humanitarian issue.
  2. Find two news articles that explain how receiving states and addressing the influx of new migrants.
  3. International cooperation on health has traditionally been viewed as a functionalist issue, but increasingly the issue has been politicized. What has changed? With what effect? Cite specific examples.
  4. Global warming, unlike some other environmental issues, is a problem of the global commons. Why are problems of the global commons particularly difficult to solve?
  5. Select two news accounts that address the trade-off between economic development and environmental sustainability. Can these two objectives be harmonized in the twenty-first century? Why or why not?