Ch. 9, Intergovernmental Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations (340-363)

Global Perspectives (351)

  1. If you were the lead Brexit negotiator for Great Britain, what would be your priorities?
  2. The difficulties in Brexit reflect how embedded the EU has become in British laws and institutions. How did that happen?
  3. If you represented one of the other major EU states, such as France or Germany, what kind of deal would you accept for the departure of Britain from the EU?

Discussion Questions (363)

  1. Everyone agrees that reform of the UN Security Council is necessary. What proposal for reform would you support? Why?
  2. Do IGOs and NGOs threaten state sovereignty, or do they not? Substantiate your position.
  3. What is the relationship between NGOs and the state?
  4. What problems arise when NGOs take over the tasks of states?

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