This assignment asks you to connect recent/current news stories to some assigned textbook chapters. You're required to submit two analyses: one for a chapter in the Comparative Politics (CP) textbook and one for a chapter in the International Relations (IR) textbook, as assigned in the table below.

The subject articles for your analyses must be international in scope—that is, not focused primarily on the United States—and come from one of these four approved sources:

Analyses that use other sources won't be accepted (and will receive a grade of zero).

Your assignment grade will be determined primarily by how well you:

Writing quality and citation formatting will also affect your grade.



To properly format your citations, see these sections in Turabian:


When I evaluate your analyses, I'll give you a letter grade for each of three components—content, writing, and citations—as well as an overall assignment grade (on a 25-point scale). Of course, you should let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my assessment.

If you wish, you may submit a third analysis for a chapter to which you're not already assigned (in the table below). In this case, I'll only use two of your three analyses to calculate your course grade at the end of the semester. If your third analysis is for a chapter in the Comparative Politics textbook, I'll use your highest-scored CP analysis (along with your IR analysis). If your third analysis is for a chapter in the International Relations textbook, I'll use your highest-scored IR analysis (along with your CP analysis).


Your two required analyses are due at the beginning of the class period, in hard copy format with pages stapled, on the dates indicated below.

Chapter Due Date Writer(s)
CP, Ch. 2 Tue, Feb 5 Conor, Katie, Mahamed
CP, Ch. 3 Thu, Feb 7 Jerry, Noah, Sheldon
CP, Ch. 4 Tue, Feb 12 Andrew, Skip, Sam
CP, Ch. 5 Thu, Feb 14 Carter, Jihad, Paloma
CP, Ch. 6 Tue, Feb 19 Argenis, Mike, Nick
CP, Ch. 7 Tue, Feb 26 Dara, Kenny, Ricky
CP, Ch. 8 Thu, Feb 28 Blake, Jeannine, Zach
CP, Ch. 9 Tue, Mar 5 Brody, Catherine, Josh
CP, Ch. 10 Thu, Mar 7 Maie, Sarah, Theresa
CP, Ch. 11 Tue, Mar 12 Ben, Emory, Ryan
IR, Ch. 2 Thu, Mar 28 Blake, Brody, Catherine
IR, Ch. 3 Tue, Apr 2 Josh, Maie, Theresa
IR, Ch. 4 Thu, Apr 4 Ben, Emory, Sarah
IR, Ch. 5 Tue, Apr 9 Conor, Katie, Ryan
IR, Ch. 6 Thu, Apr 11 Jerry, Mahamed, Sheldon
IR, Ch. 7 Thu, Apr 18 Andrew, Noah, Skip
IR, Ch. 8 Tue, Apr 23 Carter, Jihad, Sam
IR, Ch. 9 Thu, Apr 25 Argenis, Nick, Paloma
IR, Ch. 10 Tue, Apr 30 Dara, Kenny, Mike
IR, Ch. 11 Thu, May 2 Ricky, Jeannine, Zach