This assignment asks you to present a distinctively personal response to an assigned textbook chapter. There are many ways to appropriately engage course material for this assignment; but essentially, you can discuss anything of interest to you as long as you do the following:

Your task is to think about what you read in your assigned chapter, sort it out in a way that makes sense (or is useful) to you, and offer your "personal take" on the material. With that in mind:

Use only assigned readings (as listed on the syllabus), classroom material (including your notes), and your own ideas (or personal experiences) for this assignment. Using other ("outside") sources constitutes cheating and could subject you to disciplinary action.

The word count for this paper (excluding your reference list) should be at least 500 words and no more than 700 words.

I'll use a rubric to evaluate your paper and email you a grade report when it's ready.


Your paper must be typewritten and double–spaced, use a single standard font with 1–1¼" margins throughout, and include a (typed) word count.

Citations must be employed as needed and conform fully to the author–date style described in Chapters 18-19 of Turabian's Manual for Writers. (You'll need to properly include, place, and style all the required information—exactly as detailed in Turabian's Manual.) Papers submitted with improperly formatted citations will receive a 5-point score reduction. Papers submitted without (both) parenthetical citations and a reference list may be refused and assigned a score of zero.

Email your paper as a PDF file attachment, sent from your "" email address, before 11:00 a.m. on the indicated date (below). Name your file attachment "201 Paper Surname" (substituting your own last name for "Surname"). I'll only accept papers in PDF format; papers submitted in any other file format will be refused and assigned a score of zero.


Chapter Due Date Writer(s)
CP, Ch. 4 Tue, Feb 6 MacKenzie
CP, Ch. 6 Tue, Feb 13 Andre
CP, Ch. 7 Tue, Feb 20 Andrew
CP, Ch. 8 Thu, Feb 22 Caleb
CP, Ch. 9 Tue, Feb 27 Charlie
CP, Ch. 10 Thu, Mar 1 Connor
CP, Ch. 11 Tue, Mar 6 Dennis
IR, Ch. 2 Thu, Mar 22 Ed
IR, Ch. 3 Tue, Mar 27 Fem
IR, Ch. 4 Thu, Mar 29 Collin
IR, Ch. 5 Tue, Apr 3 Jessica
IR, Ch. 6 Thu, Apr 5 Joe
IR, Ch. 7 Tue, Apr 17 Meghaan
IR, Ch. 8 Thu, Apr 19 Melissa
IR, Ch. 9 Tue, Apr 24 Rachel
IR, Ch. 10 Tue, May 1 Selena
IR, Ch. 11 Tue, May 1 Tess