Thu, Feb 6

POL 300-800, Global Diplomacy
Spring 2020 |



  1. Does the media influence diplomatic visits in a negative or positive way? Support your claim.
  2. Are bilateral relations or multilateral relations more important? Why, or how so?
  3. Is the use of coercive diplomacy causing a shift away from traditional diplomacy? Which method is more effective? Justify your answer.
  4. Assume you're a diplomat. Which methods would you most like to (be able to) do effectively? Why?
  5. Assume you're a foreign minister. Which methods would you value most in shaping your ministry's reputation and effectiveness? Why?
  6. Assume you're a state leader. Which methods could best help you achieve your foreign policy goals? Why?
  7. Create a multipart strategy for one or more states involved in a hypothetical diplomatic exchange.
  8. By way of review/summary, answer each of the questions posed in the first paragraph of this chapter.