For this assignment, beginning January 31, you need to write one original question addressing each day's assigned reading (as listed on the syllabus). Each question must be submitted on a Questions Form and be written in a way that could facilitate substantive discussion.

I'll collect questions for grading at least ten times during the semester, on days that I select. I'll then use your ten best scores when calculating your course grade at the end of the semester. (Half-point score totals will be rounded up.)

I'll grade your questions on a 5-point scale: 5.0=100%; 4.5=90%; 4.0=80%; 3.5=70%; 3.0=60%; etc. I won't explicitly factor in writing quality when grading, but you shouldn't expect to receive a 5 for a question that's not well articulated or contains spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. I'll usually just assign a score to each question, without comment. But I'll gladly address any questions or concerns you might have about a particular question or the assignment in general.