Introduction (xiii-xix)

  1. What is Bale trying to accomplish with this book, and how so?
  2. Given your answer, how well do you think this book will meet your academic needs and objectives? Explain your answer.

Europe – a continent in the making (1-10)

Discussion questions (38)

  1. Different countries have risen and fallen in preeminence in Europe over the last 500 years. Pick one or two examples: why and how do you think status was gained and then lost?
  2. What do you think drove Europe toward two world wars in the first half of the twentieth century? And how, in your opinion, has it managed to avoid something similar happening since then?
  3. There may have been no world war after 1945, but there was a Cold War. Was such a conflict inevitable, and why do you think it came to an end? Is talk of a "new Cold War" exaggerated?

Additional analysis

  1. What does "European politics" encompass, and how so? Be specific.
  2. What things do you want or expect to learn from this course, and why?
  3. Choose and describe the three most important aspects of this reading. (These can be concepts, issues, arguments, etc.) Justify your choices.
  4. Identify two aspects of this reading that were (relatively) difficult to understand. Explain how these hindered your understanding of the reading.
  5. Compose one question to facilitate (substantive) discussion of something in this chapter. (This can't be a simple "yes" or "no" question.)