The end of the nation state? (39-53)

Discussion questions (70)

  1. What are the historical roots of minority nationalism, and why do you think it has become more important in recent years?
  2. Why have states like Belgium, Spain and the UK become (or made moves towards becoming) federal countries? Do you think these moves are a rational solution—and one that will last—to the problems they face? Or are these problems (and indeed the solutions) actually very different from one another?
  3. In your opinion, can there be any justification for Europe's minorities to employ violence in order to make their case and impose their solutions? Why is the resort to violence for political ends relatively rare in Europe compared to other parts of the globe?

Additional analysis

  1. Which of the profiled countries—Belgium, Spain, the UK, or France—faces the greatest challenges? What are these challenges and how might they best be addressed? Be specific.
  2. What lessons can other countries learn from the profiled experiences of Belgium, Spain, the UK, and France? To what extent are these lessons actually applicable to other European countries? Explain your answers.

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