Tue, Feb 4

POL 307-800, European Politics
Spring 2020 | warkentin.xyz/307



Is Europe one? (22)

  1. What factors do you think best account for why some European countries supported intervention in Iraq and Libya and others did not?
  2. Why do you think Americans tend to be more supportive of overseas military campaigns—Iraq is but one example— whereas Europeans frequently are not?

Application questions (23)

  1. What characteristics do you associate with the term "Europe"? What makes Europe distinctive from, say, the US, Australia, or Canada?
  2. In recent years, how has Europe tried to use its "soft power"? Under what conditions is reliance on "soft power" more likely to succeed?
  3. Do you see Europe as a successful actor on the world stage? If so, how? Where? If not, what prevents Europe from being a "superpower"?
  4. Do you believe, like Habermas, that Europe offers an attractive model? What might be problems with the European social model?
  5. Do you agree there is a "logic" of Europeanization? How far do you believe Europeanization can go? Do you believe Euroskepticism is a more potent political force?