Thu, Feb 13

POL 307-800, European Politics
Spring 2020 |



Is Europe one? (55)

  1. Who would you expect to be most nostalgic about the old East Germany? Why would they feel that way?
  2. Should West Germans continue to transfer money to the East to make economic conditions in Germany more equal? [Why or why not]?

Application questions (65)

  1. How specifically might the legacy of past empires matter for countries in Eastern Europe today? Are there still important political, social, or cultural differences that make this region somehow less "European"? Given the different historical experiences of peoples of Europe, what is your understanding of the term "European"?
  2. Why do you think the international community did not act preemptively to prevent conflict in Bosnia? What do the atricities there show about the idea of "Europe"?

Further analysis

  1. Do you think Europe could experience another "Bosnia"? Support your position.