Tue, Feb 18

POL 307-800, European Politics
Spring 2020 | warkentin.xyz/307




In focus (86)

  1. How significant are the changes made by the Lisbon Treaty? [Explain your answer.]
  2. How do the debates about the Lisbon Treaty illustrate the tension between supranationalism and inter-governmentalism?

Application questions (100-101)

  1. Give an example of how supranationalism can conflict with national sovereignty. Overall, what do states gain through the EU? Why do they need an organization like the EU to reap the benefits of closer integration?
  2. Some envision the EU as a potential alternative to the traditional sovereign state. Would you agree? What does this mean, precisely? What might this say about not only the EU but also about politics in an era of globalization?

Further analysis

  1. How are a customs union, common market, and integration connected?
  2. Will Euroskepticism increase or decrease because of Brexit? Why?
  3. Will the EU's strength increase or decrease because of Brexit? Why?