Thu, Feb 20

POL 307-800, European Politics
Spring 2020 |



Is Europe one? (99)

  1. If you were a citizen in France or Germany, would you have favored EU expansion to post-communist states? [Why or why not?]
  2. Has EU expansion strengthened or weakened the EU? Be able to employ specific evidence to support your case.

Application questions (101)

  1. Given the history of Europe, few would have believed European integration could go as far as it has. How much further might it go? What might slow it down or stop it?
  2. How does the EU fit into realist perspectives of international relations? Does its growth and success fudamentally disprove or undermine realism?
  3. Some think the EU is like a bicycle, meaning you have to be pedaling and moving forward or you fall off. Others retort that you can stop and park a bicycle from time to time without getting off it. Which makes more sense? In other words, could Europe just "stop" and abandon grandiose reform projects?

Further analysis