Thu, Mar 26

POL 307-800, European Politics
Spring 2020 |


Pointing Hand Participation

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Question Set 1

In focus (235)

  1. Is the instability of party systems in post-communist Europe a sign that democracy is weak in that region or merely evidence of transition or growing pains?
  2. Some have suggested that recent global changes are more challenging for the left than the right. Would you agree? Which side has, in your estimation, changed more since the end of the Cold War?

Application question (259)

  1. Is there a big difference among political parties in terms of how they are organized and allow for internal democracy? How might parties or other organizations make reforms to prevent the "iron law of oligarchy" from taking hold?

Question Set 2

Is Europe one? (240)

  1. Assuming one wanted greater "Europeanization" among political parties, how might one accomplish that goal?
  2. Is the relative lack of "Europeanization" among political parties evidence that the powers of the EU are exaggerated? Or does it tend to reflect more on how the EU has acquired power?

Application question (259)

  1. What are advantages/disadvantages to strong party discipline? Does party discipline undermine or support the basic notions of democracy and representative government?