For this substantive research project, you'll examine a relevant campaign for change and offer attendant suggestions for effective activism. The expected length for the final draft of your paper is ±5000 words (excluding your reference list).

Whatever the particulars of your topic, the final draft of your paper should:

Both the draft and final versions of your paper should contain three sections:

  1. Background – Introduce and properly contextualize your selected campaign.
    This section should show that you've engaged in some substantive research.
  2. Analysis – Critically examine your selected campaign using informed insights.
    This analysis may require some research, but it should mainly be your ideas.
  3. Prescriptions – Offer specific suggestions based on your personal world view.
    These suggestions should be (almost) completely your own, original ideas.

These three sections can be weighted in various ways, but component 1 ("background") should constitute no more than half of your final draft. Sections 2 and 3 ("analysis" and "prescriptions") together should constitute at least half of your final draft.

The final draft of your paper should use your own, original titles for each section (instead of "background," "analysis," and "prescriptions").


Since one purpose of this seminar is to help you (further) develop your academic research skills, you'll complete this assignment in stages, submitting various components of your paper at scheduled times throughout the semester.

Unless otherwise specified, written components for this assignment must be typewritten and double–spaced, use a single standard font with 1–1¼" margins throughout, and include a (typed) word count.

Written assignments must be submitted as PDF files; other formats (e.g., Microsoft Word) will not be accepted. Email each component as a (PDF) file attachment, sent from your "" email address, before 2:00 p.m. on the indicated due date. A required file name is provided for each component. (In each case, remove the quotes and substitute your own last name for "Surname.")