For this assignment, you'll provide an extra "participation component" for two class sessions, as assigned below.

Your contribution should comprise three components:

  1. A discussion question that could facilitate substantive discussion of some assigned reading material.
  2. A recent, connectable article from a feminist website (published within 4 months of your assist date).
  3. A relevant anecdote or some commentary drawn from your personal experience/opinions/worldview.

Your basic task is to present some critically informed insights and personal analysis to expand our understanding of the day's reading. Plan for about 3 minutes to present your material to the class.

Some suggested feminist websites are listed below (and on the support page of this site), but other sources may be appropriate depending on your selected material.

Bring a properly completed Assist Form, and a hard copy of your selected article, to class on each of your assigned dates. I'll complete my portion of the form and return it to you at the end of your assigned class session or the beginning of the next class session.


Feminism Due Date Writer(s)
Radical 09/18 Cayla, Hiroto, Maya, Rachel
Radical 09/20 Jess, Patrick
Marxist/Socialist 09/25 Jessie, Rob
Marxist/Socialist 09/27 Dylan, Meghan
Women-of-Color: U.S. 10/04 Andre, Gracie, Jessie
Women-of-Color: U.S. 10/09 Desiree, Selena
Women-of-Color: U.S. 10/11 Sarah
Women-of-Color: Global 10/16 Alayna, Will
Women-of-Color: Global 10/18 Jess, Michelle
Care-Focused 10/25 Rachel
Ecofeminism 10/30 Cheyjan, Maya, Meghan
Ecofeminism 11/01 Michelle, Rob
Existential/Poststructural/Postmodern 11/06 Alayna, Omar
Existential/Poststructural/Postmodern 11/08 Gracie, Dylan, Will
Queer/Transgender 11/13 Andre, Hiroto
Queer/Transgender 11/15 Cheyjan, Connor
Third-Wave 11/27 Patrick
Third-Wave 11/29 Sarah, Selena
Feminism & Imperialism 12/04 Cayla, Connor
Feminism & Imperialism 12/06 Desiree, Omar