This assignment asks you to connect current event news stories to some assigned textbook chapters. Your subject articles must be international in scope—that is, not focused primarily on the United States—and come from one of these four approved sources:

Analyses that use other sources won't be accepted without my explicit approval.

How to do this assignment:

When writing your analyses, similar to the paper assignment, you should:

Submit each analysis, in hard copy with pages stapled, at the beginning of class on the date your subject chapter is listed on the course syllabus.


Your analysis must be typewritten and double–spaced, use a single standard font with 1–1¼" margins throughout, and include a (typed) word count.

Citations must be employed as needed and conform fully to the author–date style described in Chapters 18-19 of Turabian's Manual for Writers. (You'll need to properly include, place, and style all the required information—exactly as detailed in Turabian's Manual.) Analyses submitted with improperly formatted citations will receive a score reduction of up to 10 points. Analyses submitted without (both) parenthetical citations and a reference list may be refused and assigned a score of zero.

To create properly formatted citations, follow the guidelines in these sections of Turabian:


To receive a grade of A or A– on this assignment, the quality of your content and presentation must be outstanding. By definition, A–range content must be demonstrably more well informed, thoughtfully considered, and analytically sophisticated than above average (B–range) or average (C–range) content. Outstanding presentation comprises clearly articulated and well organized points, ideally with no more than a handful of honest writing mistakes. A–range work must also meet relevant structural requirements, including proper citation formatting. (Slightly lower writing standards may apply for non–native English speakers.)

When I evaluate your analyses, I'll give you a letter grade for each of three components—content, writing, and citations—in addition to your overall assignment grade (on a 20-point scale). Of course, you should let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my assessment.

Analyses that don't meet stated requirements and expectations are subject to a score reduction or other penalty, to be levied at my discretion.


You're expected to submit three analyses:

  1. An analysis for an assigned chapter in O'Neil's Essentials of Comparative Politics textbook, as listed below.
  2. An analysis for an assigned chapter in Mingst's Essentials of International Relations textbook, as listed below.
  3. An analysis for a chapter, from either textbook, for which you're not already assigned an Analysis or Paper.

Each analysis is due, at the beginning of class, on the day the subject chapter is listed on the course syllabus.

Chapter Due Date Writer(s)
ECP, Ch. 6 Tue, Sep 25 Cayla, Garrett, Jessa, Matt, Mike B, Perla
ECP, Ch. 7 Thu, Oct 4 Dallas, Jon, Lauren, Omar, Tamera, Vanessa
ECP, Ch. 8 Tue, Oct 9 Daiana, Dylan, Garrick, Megan, Michael V, Will
ECP, Ch. 9 Thu, Oct 11 Connor, Dan, Destiny, Jarred, Molly
ECP, Ch. 10 Tue, Oct 16 Gio, Maryjay, Nicole, Tess, Yara
EIR, Ch. 2 Thu, Oct 25 Matt, Omar, Yara
EIR, Ch. 3 Tue, Oct 30 Destiny, Jarred, Nicole
EIR, Ch. 4 Thu, Nov 1 Dallas, Vanessa
EIR, Ch. 5 Tue, Nov 6 Dylan, Mike B, Tamera
EIR, Ch. 6 Thu, Nov 8 Connor, Lauren, Michael
EIR, Ch. 7 Thu, Nov 15 Garrick, Megan, Tess
EIR, Ch. 8 Tue, Nov 20 Jessa, Maryjay, Michael V, Molly
EIR, Ch. 9 Tue, Nov 27 Cayla, Gio, Jon
EIR, Ch. 10 Tue, Nov 29 Daiana, Perla
EIR, Ch. 11 Tue, Dec 4 Dan, Garrett, Will